Virtual Rehearsal & Performance Studio

VirtuLive Studios™, (pronounced “Virtue Live Studios”), provides a Virtual Rehearsal & Virtual Live Performance Service platform that enables musicians, & vocalists the ability to rehearse or perform from their individual homes real time over the internet with others who are located in different towns, cities, or states up to 500 miles away.

Individual results will vary based on location & quality of internet service. See Regions & Service Coverage.

VirtuLive Studios is a low latency internet audio software app & service that uses Zoom only as its visual platform. Each session includes a Customer Support Technician who will greet participants upon arrival, ensure everyone connects successfully to VirtuLive Studios and will remain accessible to the participants for the rest of the session. 

VirtuLive Demo Video

Below is a video of one of our brand ambassadors, “MidiFunk” Band, demonstrating VirtuLive Studios Rehearsal/Performance Software & Service before a Zoom audience. These musicians are performing live over the internet from their individual homes located in New Jersey, California, Virginia & North Carolina .
The audio is being mixed real time by an audio engineer in Alabama, with video graphics handled by a visual director in New Jersey.


For live events with VirtuLive Studios you can:

  • Perform live with your band from your individual homes
  • Live stream your performance on multiple platforms such as youtube & facebook 
  • Hold Private Showcases streamed only to invited audiences with the ability to interact with the invited guests for Q & A at the end of your musical presentation.


Multi-tracking, similar to recording a Live Concert from a remote truck, is another feature of the VirtuLive Studios Virtual Rehearsal/Performance Service. Although you have the ability to do multiple takes of a song, VirtuLive Studios multi-tracking does not allow for punch ins, overdubs, or immediate playback. This can only be done in post-production after receiving the audio files which are recorded as wave files at a 48k sampling rate. 

If you would like the ability to record, playback, overdub & do punch-ins with anyone in the world over the internet, please consider the “Virtual Recording Studio” service by Sessionwire®. 

Kirk Whalum

We are excited to welcome Legendary Kirk Whalum and his band to our Real Time Virtual Rehearsal Studio Technology!

Watch this short clip as he rehearses his band who are located in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia over the internet using VirtuLive Studios real time internet collaboration technology.

Service Coverage

Individual results will vary based upon the location & quality of internet service!

VirtuLive’s services are currently available in the USA! Service requests outside of the USA must contact our office via the contact page.

Users of our virtual rehearsal service must reside within the same region as listed below or within a 500 mile radius of each other.

The service coverage is divided into regions:


Alabama*, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maine*, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire*, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, part of Tennessee*, Vermont*, Virginia and West Virginia*.


Alabama*, Arkansas*, part of Florida, Illinois, part of Indiana, Iowa, part of Kansas, Kentucky*, Louisiana, part of Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi*, Missouri, part of Nebraska, part of North Dakota*, Oklahoma, part of South Dakota*, part of Tennessee*, most of Texas, and Wisconsin


Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, part of Kansas, Montana*, part of Nebraska, part of North Dakota*, Oregon, part of South Dakota*, part of Texas, Utah, and Washington, Wyoming.


Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Texas

* These places have sporadically poor internet service especially in rural areas which could result in high latency & poor results with VirtuLive

Technical Requirements

IMPORTANT NOTE: The VirtuLive Software App runs at 48K sampling rate. All DAW & Audio Interfaces connecting to the VirtuLive App must also be set to 48K Sampling Rate. Failure to do so will cause the audio to either be out of pitch or cause added sub harmonics.

All Browers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox etc. & any apps running in the background on the computer should be closed to avoid bandwidth competition & interference with the transmission of audio from the VirtuLive App.

Here is the required equipment:

  1. PC Windows 8 or later or Mac OS 10.11.6 or laterVirtuLive will not work on Chromebook, Mobile or Tablet devices. Computers should have the standard minimum of 8 meg of ram.
  2. Fast Internet Service/High Bandwidth – Verizon Fios, Optimum, Spectrum, or equivalent. Minimum Down/Up speed should be 50Mbps. We recommend a minimum of 100Mbps for large households that share the internet with gaming. Verizon Fios or Fiber internet services produce the best results with VirtuLive.
  3. Ethernet Cable – Cat7 preferred but Cat5e or 6 will work just fine –Direct connectivity to router/modem is a requirement for using VirtuLive!  WiFi produces high latency & unstable audio data transmissions to the router therefore it is NOT RECOMMENDED.
  4. Newer laptops do not have an Ethernet port & therefore require an adapter to connect the Ethernet cable to the USB port of the computer.

    Here are links to purchase these items:
    Ethernet cable 50ft
    Ethernet to USB C/thunderbolt 3 adapter
    Ethernet to USB 2.0 or 3.0 adapter

  5. Headphones or Earphones – These are required for those who will be using the laptop mic for vocals and communication. Failure to use headphones will result in feedback due to the close proximity of the laptop speakers and laptop mic. 
    Wireless & USB Headsets are not recommended 

    Advanced Users
    who have a studio set up with an external or studio microphone, audio mixer and audio interface can substitute headphones with external studio speakers for listen back.
  6. Audio Interface – For Musicians & Professional Studio Configurations – needed to connect instruments, studio mic & audio mixer etc. to laptop or computer.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: The VirtuLive Software App runs at 48K sampling rate. All DAW & Audio Interfaces connecting to the VirtuLive App must also be set to 48K Sampling Rate.

    can either use the laptop computer mic or a high quality USB mic & do not need an Audio Interface. However, if you choose to use a professional dynamic or condenser microphone it would require an Audio Interface. 

    who are using external instruments such as Keyboards, Guitars, Drums, Sax with external mic etc. will need an Audio Interface in order to connect their instrument to the computer.

    VirtuLive works well with most audio interfaces.
    However, VirtuLive does not work with Mixer/Usb combo units such as the Yamaha MG10XU.

    Approved Audio Interfaces are: Focusrite, Apollo, iRig, Motu, Behringer X32 & Presonus Audiobox, Other audio interfaces that are not listed may work fine but these have been tested with VirtuLive.

    Approved USB Studio Mic: Blue Yeti Microphone

  7. External mic with on-off switch for communication between musicians 
    can either use the computer mic, USB mic (Blue Yeti), or a professional external mic (requires an Audio Interface) both of which can be used for singing & communicating.

    Musicians who are using an Audio Interface will need to have an external mic for communications. We recommend an inexpensive external mic such as a Shure SM48S-LC so that band leaders & musicians can communicate over VirtuLive. VirtuLive also has a chat box as an alternative source of communication.


When you have acquired all of the necessary pre-requisites to using VirtuLive, the next step is booking a set-up session with a VirtuLive Tech who will assist with the installation of the VirtuLive app on your computer & get it connected to the VirtuLive Service Platform.

See Session Booking below.

Session Booking

VirtuLive Studios Virtual Rehearsal services are a metered (pay-per-use) service with services billed by the hour and rates based on the amount of persons in your group. There is also a one time set up fee per person in a group.


There is a one-time set up fee of $35 per user for simple set ups and $55 per user for more complex configurations involving DAW integration. The set up session involves a one-on-one session with a VirtuLive Customer Support Tech who will assist with:

  • Installing the VirtuLive Studios App on your computer
  • Connecting of the app to any audio interface & any DAW integration
  • Optimizing the app settings to achieve the lowest latency possible and assuring that the app connects properly to the VirtuLive Service Platform
  • Saving the app setting to be used for future sessions

The set up process usually averages about 45 minutes and it is done over a Zoom session. Discounts are available for large group set ups. Please call for pricing.

You are now ready to book & engage in your virtual rehearsal sessions with VirtuLive!
When booking a session, you will be able to:

  • See days & times that are available for booking
  • Choose a desire date, time, duration of the session and any add on features
  • See the cost for the session
  • Confirm your booking and pay for the session securely via Paypal

Once payment is accepted and approved by PayPal you will receive a confirmation number and automatically get routed back to the VirtuLive site. 

You will also receive a Zoom meeting access code for your upcoming session which can be shared via email at check-out to all of your group members who are participating in the virtual rehearsal session. You and your group members will receive a reminder via email of your booked session 24 hours before the session starts.

2 to 5 persons in a session – $35/hr
6 to 10 persons in a session – $60/hr
11 to 15 persons in a session – $90/hr
16 to 20 persons in a session – $120/hr

Corporate & Religious Organizations receive exclusive services and must call for more information and a quote for services.

You can sign into your Zoom meeting up to 15 minutes before the start of your session. When you and your group sign into Zoom you will be greeted by a VirtuLive Studios’ Customer Support Technician. 

You will then announce the Group or Session ID of your rehearsal and you will get transferred to the assigned private ZOOM breakout room for your group’s session. 

The Customer Support Tech will provide the access code to connect with VirtuLive and confirm everyone’s successful connection to the VirtuLive platform. Once everyone sound checks successfully the tech will leave the session and you can begin your rehearsal. There is a “NEED HELP”  button at the bottom of the Zoom platform to get the attention of any VirtuLive tech should you experience any problems.

You will receive a notification of your session coming to an end 5 minutes before the end time. You will have the option to extend the rehearsal time as needed and payment for the additional time can be made at the conclusion of your session