VirtuLive Studios has provided services to:
Will Downing
Eric Roberson
Cheryl Pepsii Riley
MidiFunk Band
Spur of The Moment Band
Cathedral International Praise Team
Rev. Stefanie Minatee & the Jubilation Choir
American Music Abroad & the US Department of State
And the list is growing!

Spur of The Moment &
Will Downing

Spur of the Moment & Will Downing used VirtuLive Studios to perform live over the internet real time from their individual homes for a 50th Birthday Party.

The show started off with the Spur of The Moment Band doing 2 songs.

Will Downing was in New Jersey while being backed by the Spur of the Moment band who were all located in Washington D.C.

Virtual New Years Eve Show

VirtuLive Studios™ produced a Virtual New Years Eve Show hosted by Jessica Lynn & DJ Invisible for the American Music Abroad Organization supported by the U.S.  Department of State. It included bands performing live & in real time over the internet from their individuals homes while being multi-tracked using VirtuLive Studios’ Virtual Audio & Visual Services. The audio recordings were ;later mixed & mastered for this production to be live streamed on New Years Eve. 

In addition, each band member was projected onto a Virtual Stage in Times Square using green screens and the cameras from their laptops. The virtual set & visual production is the creative services of our Virtual Show Productions department of VirtuLive Studios.

Below are 4 band performance excerpts from the 1 hour long VirtuLive Production.
To see the New Years Eve Production in its entirety, Click Here.

Della Mae

This Grammy Nominated All Female String Group performed Live over the internet with band members located in Maine, Tennessee, & Maryland using VirtuLive Studios! 

Nelly's Echo

Nelly’s Echo was a contestant on Season 3 of The Voice. This group is located in the Washington D.C. area and performed live over the internet using VirtuLive Studios.

NOTE: Although all of the band members seen in this video were multi-tracked during their live performance over the internet, the Bass was added in post production.

GangstaGrass aka Rappalacha

The band members of this group were located in New York, Philadelphia, & Baltimore. They are known for the theme song of the FX TV Show “Justified”. Their music is a unique infusion of Blue Grass & Rap.

Queens Guard

This group is located in Charlotte, North Carolina & they also performed live over the internet from their individual homes using VirtuLive Studios. Their music is an infusion of Funk, R&B & Gospel.

MidiFunk VirtuLive Ambassadors


This innovative group is located in New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia & Los Angeles & they also performed live over the internet from their individual homes using VirtuLive Studios & Zoom. Their music is a creative arrangement & mash up of popular R&B songs.

Eric Roberson Live Improve Jam

Below is a Live Streamed video of Eric Roberson making up lyrics on the spot using words that were submitted by a viewing audience. He was backed by the “MidiFunk” Band performing real time over the internet via VirtuLive Studios.