VirtuLive Studios is a service platform that allows musicians, performing artists & vocalists the ability to rehearse or perform with others who are in separate locations real time over the internet via an infrastructure of low latency technologies.

VirtuLive is a separate audio software and technical service that is used in junction with Zoom. Zoom only serves as a video platform so that the VirtuLive users can see each other.

Latency is the arch enemy to being able to sync audio real time over the internet. While it is tolerable for video conferencing and interactive dialogue, it is a major hindrance to achieving real time syncing of interactive audio.

VirtuLive Studios has configured an effective model that encompasses an infrastructure of various technologies to achieve low latency. This low latency achievement has made it possible for musicians to perform over the internet in sync with other musicians who are within a 500 mile radius. However, we have tested this service with musicians who were located on the East & West coast of the USA and the latency was still tolerable for a real-time performance.

Below is a video of a group called “MidiFunk” using VirtuLive Studios Services. These musicians are performing LIVE & REAL-TIME using Zoom from there separate homes which are located in California, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Georgia & with the audio being mixed by an engineer in Alabama with the graphics being handled REAL-TIME in New Jersey.