Welcome to VirtuLive Studios the ultimate one stop service provider of music rehearsal space & production! Our headquarters is located in Fairfield, NJ where we also have physical space for rent which includes:

  • Rehearsal Studio that is fully equipped
  • Recording Studio that is Sessionwire Ready
  • Video Studio that is multi-camera live stream ready
  • Video Editing Suite
  • Conference Room

Additional provisions include Live Entertainment and Audio Support Services by Pro Entertainment Solutions, LLC.

We comply and enforce all of the Covid-19 safety and social distancing protocols imposed by the State of NJ.

Virtulive Studios™ is a Trade Mark Service of Pro Entertainment Solutions, LLC

Studio Facility Rental Services

Rehearsal Studio Facility

Our Rehearsal Studio is a Multi-purpose Room that is Live Stream, Multi-Tracking & VirtuLive Ready.

Recording Studio Facility

DAW Recording Studio that provides Mixing & Mastering capability for a one stop production experience.

Video Production Suite

Real-time Virtual audio & visual showcases for wedding bands & more!

Conference Room

You can rent our conference room for client & staff meetings.