Welcome to VirtuLive Studios the ultimate one stop service provider of Virtual Concerts, Virtual Venues, Virtual Rehearsals and Virtual Audio Visual Productions! We enable performers to collaborate real-time over the internet through low-latency technology while integrating with visual and virtual reality platforms to create an immersive experience for participants in the comforts of their own homes.

Our headquarters is located in Fairfield, NJ where we also have physical space for rent which includes:

  • Rehearsal Studio that is VirtuLive Ready
  • Recording Studio that is Sessionwire Ready
  • Video Studio that is multi-camera live stream ready
  • Video Editing Suite
  • Conference Room

Additional provisions include Live Entertainment and Audio Support Services by Pro Entertainment Solutions, LLC.

We comply and enforce all of the Covid-19 safety and social distancing protocols imposed by the State of NJ.

Virtulive Studios™ is a Trade Mark Service of Pro Entertainment Solutions, LLC

Premier Virtual Services

Virtual Rehearsal & Performance Studio

Rehearse real time over the internet with group members who are located in different towns, cities or even states up to 500 miles away using VirtuLive Studios’ Low Latency Internet Audio Software & Service.

Virtual Concerts, Venues, Parties, Games & Broadcast Productions

VirtuLive Studios can produce virtual shows with set designs consistent with the theme of the event. It can include live entertainment with live streaming on youtube & facebook.

Virtual Recording Studio

Remote Record DAW to DAW with anyone around the world over the internet.
This is a service provided by Sessionwire® which is an independent 3rd party service provider.

Studio Facility Rental Services

Rehearsal Studio Facility

Our Rehearsal Studio is a Multi-purpose Room that is Live Stream, Multi-Tracking & VirtuLive Ready.

Recording Studio Facility

DAW Recording Studio that provides Mixing & Mastering capability for a one stop production experience.

Video Production Suite

Real-time Virtual audio & visual showcases for wedding bands & more!

Conference Room

You can rent our conference room for client & staff meetings.